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1 beds, sleeps 3, 1.0 baths

Available for home swap but not nightly rental.



My apartment is a beautiful, free ferry ride away from Manhattan. It's much quieter and cleaner than most areas in the other boroughs. My complex has a well-equipped gym just steps from my door. There is a small play area, a lovely courtyard, and in the summer there is a pool. Downstairs there are three restaurants and a cafe. My apartment has an alcove with a full-sized bed, a full kitchen, washer/dryer, air conditioner, dishwasher, big screen TV, Wifi (no cable), recliner sofa, large shower, jigsaw puzzles. A cot is available (the sofa is not comfortable for sleeping). I listed the apartment as wheelchair accessible because there is an elevator, however the apartment itself is a bit tight as this is New York City.

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Wheelchair Accessible

Lisa's home
Lisa's home



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