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January, 2020

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Longwood, FL

5 beds, sleeps 8, 3.0 baths

Available for home swap but not nightly rental.



Hello! We are interested in swapping our beautiful 5 bedroom/ 3 bath home in Longwood, FL. We are in a great gated community which includes a private spring, hiking trails, a pool, a playground, and tennis courts. Our house has a very private feel on 1 acre of land. We also have a trampoline for the kids! The home is newly renovated and has a gorgeous kitchen. We also have lots of deer that like to visit. We are in an area that feels very secluded, but is close to major roads, shopping, and 30 minutes from Disney. There are lots of stairs on the property- so please be aware this might not be the best choice for very small children or people with mobility issues.

Other Information

Kid Friendly

No Pets

Non Smoking Only

Not Wheelchair Accessible

Laura's home
Laura's home


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Laura's home
Laura's home
Laura's home
Laura's home