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January, 2020

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Terrace, BC

4 beds, sleeps 7, 2.5 baths

Available for home swap but not nightly rental.



We live in the epic North coast region of British Columbia. If you are an outdoor enthusiast with a penchant for fishing wild river salmon, biking and hiking gorgeous mountain trails, kayaking ocean or white water or riding champagne powder at our 100 percent community-owned ski hill, Terrace BC is the place for you. For those more culturally bent, we live in the heart of the juncture between a pioneer past and a continual spotlight on First Nations people. The First Nations in our region have a bold and rich culture. There is so much to do and see! Our home is a cozy place to rest after any adventure. It’s right in town and close to all amenities. Oh yeah, the people are great too 😊 (We have two cats, but would not welcome other animals. 🥴Sorry!)

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Kid Friendly

No Pets

Non Smoking Only

Not Wheelchair Accessible

Monica's home
Monica's home


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Monica's home
Monica's home