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March, 2021

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Lakeside, CA

3 beds, sleeps 6, 2.0 baths

Available for home swap but not nightly rental.



3 bedroom 1 story ranch style home in a quiet suburb of San Diego. 1 king bed and 2 queen beds. 2 bathroom. Unground unheated pool. Great views. Approx 20-25 mins from San Diego beaches. Approx. 25 mins from Seaworld. Approx 45 minutes from Legoland. Lots of great hiking and biking nearby. Approx. 45 minutes from wineries in Temecula. Approx. 20 minutes from wineries in Ramona.. Great location for an active family. Grocery store within a few miles. Washer/dryer, full kitchen available. Fenced yard. Cable and internet.

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Kid Friendly

No Pets

Non Smoking Only

Not Wheelchair Accessible

Kristin's home
Kristin's home



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Washing Machine

Cable or Satellite TV

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Kristin's home