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The Florida Keys By Bike

It all started with my wife — again. Her recent work in the Florida Keys with the National Aquarium allowed her to see a new part of the country; replete with turquoise water, key lime pie, and quirky Americana. Since Florida isn’t the top of my bucket list (no mountains, no surf…), she knew she’d have to sell me on the adventure of it. As it turns out, the Overseas Highway (a 106 mile stretch of road from Key Largo to Key West — originally built in 1928!) has a parallel bike path for more than 70% of the length....

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I Blame My Wife

My wife. I blame this all on my wife (in the best way possible). Ever since I quit my corporate job and became a teacher, school breaks are blank pages for her to fill in the travel book. Here is the list of places we have been in the past 12 months....

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